The Journey Towards Having More FUN Surfing

Surfing means different things to different people, but should always remain at its core


Lack of progression and fatigue leads to frustration which then leads to an unpleasant lineup.  Nobody wants that.  The first step in thwarting this downward spiral is to improve your entire surfing experience, from the pre-surf ritual, paddling out, deciding on a spot to surf, making adjustments, choosing the wave for you, riding with flow, kicking out, sharing with others, and finally exiting the water to talk story with others afterwards.  At its root, to have more fun means to improve.  It doesn't matter where you start in this journey of progression, from novice to pro, you can always improve and enjoy the experience of surfing just a little ... bit ... more.  


My Daily Routine - Water, Tea, Smoothie and Smiles

nutrition Apr 09, 2020

A peek inside my morning routine.  For fun...

I drink a lot of water throughout the day.  At least three of those bottles.

Usually I'll have a cup of Tea (Earl Grey on this morning).  Flavors vary depending on my mood.  This day I felt very much like Capt. Jean Luc Picard (I'll be pumped if you get that reference).

Smoothie: 2 mandarins (squeezed), 1 lemon (squeezed), handful of frozen mango chunks, handful of frozen pineapple chunks, 2 bananas (my favorite), handful of carrots, 2.5 handfuls of spinach, bit of coconut milk, cinnamon, and fill almost to the top with water.  Blend away and enjoy!

Alternate ingredients I've used: avocado, celery, almond milk, kale, lime, apple chunks, strawberries.  All depends on what's in the fridge...

And don't forget the most important ingredient to start your day - 

A big fat SMILE!!  

Wishing you and yours the best possible day!  Don't forget to look for laughter and joy in each day.


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