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This show drops in a little bit of math and a little bit of science with a whole lot of surfing. Host Rob Case discusses math and science in the world of surfing and how surfers can improve and progress.

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Will Respiratory Muscle Training Benefit Your Surfing?

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob breaks down the respiratory pump, explains what respiratory muscle training (RMT) is, outlines some studies showing the impact RMT has on performance, and how this training could relate to surfing (i.e. should you use it?).

Vasa Trainer Paddling Training and Technique with Rob Sleamaker

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob is honored to interview Rob Sleamaker, author, coach, and creator of the Vasa Trainer. They discuss the origins of the Vasa Trainer, how it can be used for both training and technique, overcoming challenges, and the use of the Vasa Trainer in swim and surf science research. https://vasatrainer.com/

Duck Diving Science and More

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob investigates two Scripps Institute of Oceanography research reports that were conducted at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch. Diving deeper into the data collected and the results, Rob links how this information can help surfers’ duck dive technique, getting out strategy, decision making and riding area on a wave. Sometimes the by-product of a study can reveal breakthrough knowledge.

Vortex Ratio

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob breaks down what vortex ratio is, how you can use it to assess your skill level, improve your wave catching, and help you decide which board to ride on a given day. Surf science nerds unite!

Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Balance, Surfer’s Ear

Rob is joined by Dr. Charles Theivagt, Otolaryngologist, on today’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show. They discuss methods to optimize performance by stimulating the Vagus nerve, why using a breathing pattern from crying helps, why sight is so important in balance, and what’s the deal with surfer’s ear.

Accelerating Skill Learning in a Surf Session

In today’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob provides the top two things that a surfer needs to accelerate their skill learning in a surf session. He outline the science behind why these two steps are important and how you can modify your sessions to optimize skill learning and performance.

Science Behind the Pop Up

Rob shares the research that has been done behind the Pop Up, interprets some of the results, and discusses how the research might direct your surfing performance enhancement in this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show.

Can Tides Increase the Power of a Wave?

In this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob examines an old myth – can an incoming tide increase the power of the waves coming in? He explains why tides are different geographically, why they change from day to day, why there are Supermoons and other facts about tides. Finally, he sums up how the understanding of tides help surfers, and whether or not an incoming tide increases the power of waves.

S-Stroke Explained

Rob said he's heard a lot of misinformation on the use of the “S-Stroke” for paddling so in this riveting episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, he dives into the history and recent research behind the S-Stroke, and wraps it up with how this information and data might be used to help your surfing. Hope you enjoy!

Evidence of Which Muscles are Used During Paddling

Rob breaks down a detailed CSU San Marcos study which characterized upper extremity muscle activation generated by surfers while paddling. The study describes which muscle groups are firing, and their duration, magnitude and timing of activation throughout the stroke at different speeds. The team at CSUSM also measured oxygen consumption, paddling cadence, and surfboard motion. The results of the study provide further evidence towards what efficient and effective paddling is, which muscles to train for different paddling speeds, the intensities at which to train for each scenario, and provides a stepping stone for similar research in the future. Come nerd out with Rob and learn if you are activating the correct muscles at the correct time during your paddling!

Understanding Fluids Make You A Better Surfer

Rob goes deep into a scientific principle around how fluids behave to teach you several aspects in surfing, from surf forecasting to paddling technique to riding the wave. This one principle impacts the entire life-cycle of a wave, is incorporated in our interaction with the waves as we read them and ride them, and is present in our experience even before we hit the water.

Skill Acquisition Methods, Benefits and Limitations

Rob sits down with Barry Green, Surf Coach at Centered Surfing, and they discuss methods to acquire skills for surfing and the various benefits and limitations of each. They cover their co-coaching trip to Lakeside Surf, trips to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, Boat Surfing, Surf Skating, and other methods.

How Much Force Do Surfers Apply When Sprint Paddling?

In this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob shares the amount of force a surfer is applying when taking a stroke. Does a surfer really need to “paddle hard”? Additional metrics are shared and discussed as well as what makes a paddling stroke effective versus ineffective.

What Experienced Surfers Know About Waves That You Don’t

This Dropping In Surf Show episode extrapolates information from a Scripps Institute of Oceanography Report on what makes a good wave for surfing. Throughout the discussion, Rob outlines key items from his Level 2 course that help surfers read waves, find ideal takeoff spots, and catch waves with ease. This is the information that experienced surfers use but don’t know why, and how you can save years of struggle.

Takeoff Angle of Attack - Shortboards vs Longboards

In this special Dropping In Surf Show episode, Rob investigates and analyzes takeoff video of five different surfers, which provides unique observations because he is able to see the underwater angle of attack as well as the above water sequence of the surfers getting to their feet. He finds some consistency between the surfboards and is able to see some similarities between the shortboard surfers vs the longboard surfers. This analysis yields several questions regarding effortless takeoffs, and begins a thought-provoking exercise towards better understanding the physics behind what is ideal.

History of Science in Surfing with Matt Warshaw

This Dropping In Surf Show episode features guest Matt Warshaw, surfing’s masterful historian and creator of the Encyclopedia of Surfing. Matt and Rob discuss the role of science in the history of surfing, currently, and future speculations. They also dive into how science in surfing could work within surf culture, business, and sport.
Support the Encyclopedia of Surfing:

Surfing SCIENCE! with Dr. Jeff Nessler and Dr. Sean Newcomer

Today’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show features Dr. Jeff Nessler and Dr. Sean Newcomer from California State University, San Marcos. Jeff and Sean have been conducting surf studies for several years ranging from paddling to thermoregulatory impacts wetsuits have. Rob welcomed back Zouhair, a board builder, to discuss board design, wetsuit studies, and other surf research with Jeff and Sean. Hope you enjoy, and GO SCIENCE!

Length or Volume?  A Paddling Experiment with Zouhair Belkoura

In this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob sits down with Zouhair Belkoura, boardmaker and thought provoker. Zouhair proposed a question to Rob – what paddles better – a board with more length, or one with more volume? So they embarked on a paddling experiment to find out.
Check out the full write up at https://www.zboatsurfboards.com/post/what-paddles-better-length-or-volume

Surfing Rebirth, Being Humbled, Willful Resolve with Jay Haldeman

Today’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob sits down with Jay Haldeman, creator of the SurfinShape board. Jay has not only created a valuable asset for surfers to improve the surfing experience but also has a unique and relatable story. Rob and Jay discuss falling in love with surfing, losing it, finding it again, the origin of the SurfinShape Board, the ups and downs of the design process, focus on quality, and the future.

Check out more on Jay and the Surfinshape board at https://www.surfinshape.com/

Mathematics, Breaking Glass Ceilings, Surfing Lifestyle with Amber Puha

In this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob has a conversation with Amber Puha, Department Chair of Mathematics at California State University San Marcos. Not only is Amber a wiz at Mathematics, and an incredible teacher, but she is an extremely accomplished free surfer and competition surfer. Rob and Amber discuss mentoring and teaching the next generation, breaking through glass ceilings, why she opted to pass on pro surfing, surfing as a great life lesson, and following your passion.

Overcoming Obstacles, Setting Records, Living Aloha with Fred Haywood

In this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob has a conversation with Fred Haywood. We discuss growing up on Maui, being teammates with Mark Spitz, swim technique changes that let to becoming a swimming record holder, starting an iconic surf/windsurf shop, breaking wind speed records, surfing with Gerry Lopez at G-Land, and more incredible stories. Fred is a shining light of inspiration, and he shares words of wisdom on how to live life to the fullest.
To order Fred’s book, Racing with Aloha, check out https://racingwithaloha.com/

Surf Skate, Body Movement, Chaos with Dario Matoso

Rob sits down with PhD in Biomechanics, Dario Matoso, in this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show.  Rob and Dario discuss how the body moves in surfing, how to use the surf skate to train the proper movement, secrets to body weight vs pressure, and more nuggets of information to help surfers improve their surfing. 

Check out Dario’s website and get help from him (through his online course or in-person) at https://dariomatoso.com/

Frustration to Elation - Lakeside Surf Experience with Barry Green

Guest Barry Green, Centered Surfing, and Rob conducted a strike mission to Lake Chelan, WA to visit Lakeside Surf. Lakeside surf is an artificial standing wave using the City Wave technology. Barry and Rob discuss their experience having never surfed a standing wave before to having four to five sessions on this wave. They talk about the journey of learning and how it can benefit you, their expectations and emotions throughout the time spent there, and how this wave might help you with your surfing technique. 

Check out Lakeside Surf at https://www.lakesidesurf.com/

Strength, Mobility, Proprioception Training with Cris Mills

This episode of the Dropping In Surf Show features guest Cris Mills, the Surf Strength Coach. Cris and Rob discuss preventing injury, how a surfer can increase strength and mobility, common hurdles surfers run into when conditioning themselves, the mobility vs strength debate, Cris’s coaching boat trips and travel, the Olympics, surfboard volume, reading waves, and proprioception training for surfing. There are some gems of information here to help surfers of all levels improve their fitness and ultimately their surfing.

Learn more about Cris’s programs at https://surfstrengthcoach.com/

A Wave’s Sweet Spot, Generating Speed, Brain Delays with Harry Knight

This week’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show features guest co-host Harry Knight from Surf Simply.  Harry and Rob discuss a research study conducted by Nick Pizzo (of Scripps Institute of Oceanography) named “Surfing Surface Gravity Waves”.  They do their best to explain some of the science behind the study, but more so how the results can assist surfers progress in their ability to catch more waves and surf them better.  Topics revolve around the wave’s sweet spot, paddling into waves, methods to generate speed on the wave, the speed at which our brains process information, how a surfer can use this information to help them, and more. 

Learn more about Surf Simply at https://surfsimply.com/

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