Dropping In Surf Show

This show drops in a little bit of math and a little bit of science with a whole lot of surfing. Hosts Rob Case and Jim Cegelnik, DPT (Salty PT) discuss math and science in the world of surfing and how surfers can improve and progress.

Watch or listen at your leisure.  Be sure to let us know how we're doing (because we don't know what we're doing!?!).

Episode 14

Rob and Jim debate the possible causes of Mick’s ACL Injury, analyze the physics behind a layback turn, and share the passion behind a new board obsession on this week’s Dropping In Surf Show.

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Episode 13

This week on the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob and Jim discuss the brain’s processing speed and how it impacts surf performance, talk about locals vibing surfers, and share simple exercises all surfers can use to improve the brain’s motor movements. 

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Episode 12

Joining Rob and Jim this week is Dr. Steven Duhig, Lecturer, Researcher and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Griffith University and Pere Campistol, creator of The Surf Pentagon, a program designed to help surfers become better surfers.  They discuss paddling research studies, ways surfers can improve their overall surf ability, the future of surf research, the Olympics, and more.

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Episode 11

Joining Rob and Jim this week is Doctor of Physical Therapy Mark Kozuki, who runs his practice, PT Elite Performance, out of Costa Mesa, CA.  Mark had worked with John John Florence since he was on the WQS through his two championships, in addition to many of the top surfers on the WCT such as Tyler Wright, Felipe Toledo, Owen Wright, Courtney Conlogue, Lakey Peterson and more while being involved with the WSL and on staff with Hurley.  Rob, Jim and Mark discuss what it’s like working with top athletes, share how to find happiness, get salty about injuries and surgeries, share lessons learned from mistakes made, dive deep into the body-mind connection, and recollect how many waves Jim and Mark caught during Physical Therapy school.

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Episode 10

Rob and Jim are back with Episode 10 where they analyze what happens when you get pitched, how to identify when you are likely to get pitched, reminisce on boat surfing fun and how waves break, share surf trip stories, explain the benefits of making mistakes, and somehow get on the topic of what terrible parents they probably are.

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Episode 9

Rob and Jim venture into the topic of fear and anxiety (and attempt to understand it), share stories of their own deficiencies and insecurities, lessons learned from embarrassing moments and surprisingly, resist relating everything back to baseball for once.

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Episode 8

Rob and Jim share their biking/surf adventure, the (non) science behind the pop up, variations on the pop up technique, hacking the brain for better performance, baseball (again, really?!?), and “tough” hypothetical decisions between style and technique.

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Episode 7

Rob and Jim talk about foot supination and how it impacts surfing stance, impart the science behind torque and turns, give some examples of how some surfers use torque, dialog about the problem of using too much science in surf coaching, explain the flaws in the low back pain vs core strength debate, converse about neuroplasticity of the brain and age, and share the best advice they received when they were starting out.

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Episode 6

Rob and Jim discuss what happens when we “crack” our bones; debate whether surfing is an addiction; learn about the science behind how kicking increases our velocity while swimming vs paddling; swimming eels, pitching machines, and freediving fins – what they all have in common; shortboard vs longboard vs proneboard kicking technique and impact; how to find the sweet spot on the board for paddling and for surfing, and share what kinds of alternative activities they do when they can’t surf.

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Episode 5

Rob and Jim share ways to motivate people, explain why scientific studies are flawed and important at the same time, share some cool adaptations of the body (why were they talking so much about baseball?), talk about the current journey of surf research, normal distribution curves, and fun book recommendations.

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Episode 4

Rob and Jim converse how fast a surfer loses fitness and how long it takes to get it back, Rob shares his foot recovery journey, they talk about whether strength or mobility should take precedence, spread the word on “funning” out instead of “working” out, and profess what their favorite surf film on VHS was growing up and how they influenced us. 

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Episode 3: Part 2

In Part 2, Rob and Jim work through the physics behind what happens when we catch a wave, how to paddle in with incredible simplicity and ease, talk about the benefits of going back to the basics of wave riding, and share early moments from their surfing lives, some that made us almost stop surfing altogether to moments of absolute joy and happiness. 

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Episode 3: Part 1

Episode 3 was so long it had to be broken up into two!  In this Part 1, Rob and Jim wonder how messed up surfing is on our body, debate the science behind what is “right” and “wrong” movement, investigate what sort of fitness philosophy a surfer might follow to prevent injury, teach some pattern recognition in pain identification, and bust up any confidence you had in any medical diagnosis you’ve ever had! 

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Episode 2

Rob and Jim discuss the science behind power and acceleration in paddling, exercises to improve this skill, possible future academic surfing research studies, mistakes made with paddling propulsion, and memorable moments on surf trips.

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Episode 1

Rob and Jim discuss how fast we need to go to catch a wave, speeds at which surfers paddle in flatwater, how to train for paddling, and embarrassing moments.

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