SurfingPaddling.com is dedicated to helping surfers of all levels catch more waves with less effort, and ultimately have more fun in the water! 

This site is dedicated to helping surfers through clear and concise coaching and instruction that teaches not only how to make a particular movement but also why.  The why is critical in retaining the lessons learned long term.  

Rob Case is the creator of  The Surfing Paddling Academy and XSWIM, an avid surfer, swimmer, water polo player, freediver, and father of two very energetic kids.

In addition to teaching thousands of recreational surfers how to catch more waves with less effort, Rob has worked with the World Surf League, Kelly Slater Wave Company, top professionals on the Big Wave World Tour and professionals on the World Qualifying Series.  

His science based techniques have been featured on Surfline, Surf Simply Podcast, Surf Mastery Podcast, the Inertia and in The Surfer’s Journal.  

From the age of three he competed in swimming and has continued to find his passion in or on top of the water. 

In 1998, after a typical experience at Ocean Beach, SF where, despite his high level of fitness and youth, he ended up back on the beach after 45 minutes of paddling.  No waves caught.  With a quick change in his mind about the type of paddling stroke he’d use on his next attempt, he made it out the back with little effort.  This began his journey towards linking the scientific studies from swimming to surfing paddling. 

Fourteen years later, after receiving requests from clients to coach them on paddling technique, he created the Surfing Paddling Academy based on those scientific studies of swimming and his research on the link to surfing paddling.  

Located just north of San Francisco, Rob enjoys playing in the ocean and surfing Ocean Beach and the surrounding area.  He is the top instructor in the world for surfing paddling technique.

Stay in touch via Surfing Paddling & XSWIM Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

With Thanks: Special thanks to all XSWIM and Surfing Paddling Academy community members. Without your support and feedback, XSWIM and the Surfing Paddling Academy would just be shared with a few people instead of the thousands of lives it has impacted. I am extremely grateful to the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club organizations for allowing me the facilities to run classes and test the XSWIM programs. Many thanks to my brother and to my friends who encouraged and help me get started. Thanks to my late mother who instilled strong values for fitness, travel, and for living your passion. You are here in spirit, always. Most thanks to my lovely wife and my kids. You are my number one passion and I hope to set a good example for you.

See you in the water!


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