Revamp Your Old Quiver

surfing Mar 20, 2022

Like many of us, I have several boards in my quiver that I either don’t use anymore, or use only on occasion.  Their yellow glow of degrading foam shines bright in my garage pleading to hit the salt water again. 

I thought about selling them, but then put myself in the buyer’s shoes.  I wouldn’t want this old, yellowing potato chip board. 

And, I’m somewhat attached to them sentimentally, as I have gotten great waves on each one.  My memory holds onto those moments, and won't let me get rid of the craft I used.  

So what is a surfer to do?

While eyeing my kids on their devices, wasting the day away indoors on games that have no positive social benefits, I had an idea.  An awful idea.  I got a wonderful, awful idea. 

Feeling my creative side growing, I proposed we give four of my surfboards a new look.  They were, let’s say, kind of game for it. 

My plan was that it would take one day to paint the base coat for both sides of each board, and one day to add specific details.  Multiply that by three and you’ve got our actual total time to complete the project for all four boards.  But it was fun to plan each design with them (my eldest thought of a coral reef and turtle swimming theme; the other a mountain and tree theme), pull them into the garage to paint and add detail, and see the results. 

Are we the best at painting surfboards?  Not even close, but it was quite an enjoyable experience nonetheless.  As a father, it was high quality time together.  And as a surfer, it reinvigorated my desire to surf these boards again.  So I suppose, mission accomplished. 

Next time you’re eyeing those yellowing boards of yours, consider grabbing some painter’s tape, spray paint, a few stencils and paint pens.  You might just ignite some spark into your love of those old, trusty boards of yours. 


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