Paddling Mythbusting - You Have to Paddle as Fast as the Wave is Moving

I have heard it before.  In order to catch the wave, you have to paddle as fast (or faster) than the wave is moving.  But is this true?  Or another paddling myth?  

Find out how fast waves are moving, how fast surfers paddle, and whether or not you have to paddle as fast as the wave is moving in order to catch it.  

 Watch here:


Just wanted to say, I really enjoy hearing from you.  If you ever feel the motivation to drop me a line, please do so.  That can be if you have any questions about the paddling technique programs, or the surfing fitness programs, or even the surf technique programs.  Or even just to talk surfing.  

When I first started the Surfing Paddling Academy, I remember having a particular phone call with a surfer who had emailed me a question.  The answer to the question had a little more than an email could contain.  So I told him to call me.  I said it would only take fifteen minutes to go through it. 

Two hours later, my wife was calling up to me in the office to see if I was going to leave her and run away with him!!  We talked for 10 minutes about his question, and then another hour and fifty minutes about surfing!  

I love what I do, and I love hearing from you.  So whether it's a question, or even just a "what's up!", my door is open.  

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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