Okay, so what is an XSWIM swimming workout for surfers?

surfing fitness Mar 05, 2013

I have to at least get this out of the way - here are the 6 W's for an XSWIM swim workout for surfers:


A unique swimming workout for surfers that incorporates various exercises and surf specific exercises.  The swimming sets are designed specifically to mimic surfing and the different types of scenarios a surfer will face - point break, reef break, outer reef, beach break, etc.

1a. WHAT can it do for me?

Improve your surfing fitness (lose weight, gain strength, increase endurance), increase your confidence in the water, supplement your existing training, help you break through your performance plateau.

2. WHO is it for?

Surfers looking to improve their surfing fitness
Surfers tired of being out of shape when the waves come up
Surfers looking to improve their surfing performance and stamina
Paddleboarders and surfers looking to increase their paddling strength
All levels of surfers, all levels of swimmers.

3. WHERE can I do an XSWIM swimming workout?

Any body of water - a pool is recommended but I have completed workouts at a lake and at the beach.  I suggest that if you are just starting the workouts to stick to the pool, then graduate to the ocean or open body of water.

4. WHEN should I do an XSWIM swimming workout?

When the surf is no good or whenever your schedule allows - workouts average 1 hour each.  There are Advanced workouts for those who want the extra challenge.  The surfing fitness programs have set schedules but are flexible when the waves are good.

5. HOW do I get started?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - Print, Zip, Swim:

Print the workouts, zip them up in a 1 gallon zip lock bag (or laminate if you want), swim and have fun.

Or you can use the videos in the 30-Day XSWIM for Surfers Training Program as a guide as long as you have a waterproof device.  

6. WHY should I do XSWIM swimming workout?

XSWIM keeps you connected to the water - where a surfer should be

It is also is a well balanced surfing workout with each workout covering 5 different exercise categories - Strength, Endurance, Agility/Speed, Balance, and Flexibility - all of the key exercise areas surfers need

XSWIM increases both your aerobic and anaerobic threshold - useful for those longer hold downs

XSWIM works all 5 exercise zones - Moderate, Weight Control, Cardio, Hardcore Training, and VO2 Max - so that it covers all of the different scenarios a surfer might face out in the water

Lastly, your confidence in the water increases as you are more comfortable in the water. Scary situations turn into fun and enjoyable experiences.  Surfing becomes more fun.

So there you go.  Whew.  Long post.  Now go get some waves.

See you in the water...

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