My Favorite XSWIM Workout - It Hurts So Good

surfing fitness Mar 11, 2015

Someone asked me the other day what my favorite workout in the program is.  I really enjoy the XFIT advanced workouts, but I had to answer with one of the first workouts I created just because of a swim set that I love so much.

I named the swim set "All You Can Eat 50s" and you can find it in the Test workouts (#2 of 5).  We start with a solid warm up of swimming with core work in between swim sets (crunches, scissors, heel ups, bicycle crunches, and elbow plank).  Then we get into a combined Endurance and Agility section - the All You Can Eat 50s set.  Here's how it works so you can try it on your own (be sure to warm up / warm down and do not add any additional rest once you have started the set):

1. 1x50 free, SPRINT, timed, rest = 1/2 of your timed lap (e.g. if swim time was 0:40, then rest is 0:20).  The time + your rest becomes your interval for the next 4x50s (e.g. interval = 0:60)

2. 4x50s free, on calculated interval from 1st 50 above (0:60 interval in the example above)

3. 1x50, head up (h/u) free, SPRINT, on the same interval as above (0:60 in this example)

4. 4x50 free, same interval

5. 1x50 h/u free, SPRINT, DROP interval by 0:05. (e.g. interval minus 0:05 = 0:55 in this example)

6. 4x50s free, on the new interval (e.g. 0:55)

7. 1x50 h/u free, SPRINT, DROP new interval another 0:05 (e.g. now it is a 0:50 interval)

8. 4x50 free, on new interval (e.g. 0:50)

9. repeat this sequence (dropping the interval 0:05, SPRINT 1x50 h/u free, swim 4x50 on new interval) until you completely miss the interval. NOTE: IF you touch the wall ON the interval, then swim the next 50.  IF you touch the wall just one second beyond the interval then:

last one - REST 0:10, swim 1x50 free, SPRINT, to finish the set.

COUNT the number of 50s completed. In summary, the first 10 50s are on the first interval, and then you begin dropping the interval every 5 50s until you cannot make it any longer.  Push yourself - you will be able to accomplish more than you think!

Each time I do this set, I try and beat the # of 50s completed or try and start on a lower interval to begin with.  Even though this is strictly a swim set, every time I do it, I love it.  It feels so tough, but rewarding.  After this set, there are additional Balance and Flexibility sets (as per the XSWIM format) to complete until the workout is done but I just think the swim set is a killer one.

Try it out (if you dare) and let me know what you think.

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