Guest Speaking on a Surf Body Connection Webinar - Part 2

Guest Speaking on a Surf Body Connection Webinar - Part 2

Here is Part 2 where I share a shortboarder example and a longboarder example.

00:08 Shortboarder Video Example – Before and After 23% improvement - Drag’s Impact on Horizontal Balance, Creating a Drafting Cavity, and Tempo

01:20 More Progressive Force = More Effective Propulsion

03:22 Good Setup to Front Propulsive Phase

04:44 Longboarder Video Example – Before and After - A Key Difference in Technique between Shortboarder and Longboarder - Entry Point Same, Entry Angle is Different

06:11 Comparison of Entry Point and Entry Angle Between the Shortboarder Example and Longboarder Example

09:43 The Problem(s) with Over-Reaching

11:07 Me on a Prone Board Video Example - Lack of Effort Used, Entry Point, Hover Technique, Entry Angle, Top Speed Acceleration vs Steady Velocity

12:14 Is it Better to Stick with One Board to Learn Technique?  Our Brain’s Ability to Change Motor Movement

18:12 Shane’s Injury Prevention Spectrum and Overwhelming the Brain

In Part 1, I shared the introduction to the Level 1 Surfing Paddling Techniques and Shane shares a few nuggets of knowledge she learned along the way. 

Shane has a fantastic paddle program to improve the functional mobility of your shoulders, neck, and mid-spine.  This is critical when combined with paddling technique so that you can paddle more efficiently, position yourself better on the board, and set yourself up to catch more waves.  Check out here paddle program here:

And the rest of her programs: 

The Whole Enchilada

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