Guest Speaking on a Surf Body Connection Webinar - Part 1

Guest Speaking on a Surf Body Connection Webinar - Part 1

In July I had the pleasure of joining Shane Carpenter, DPT to conduct a Webinar for her clients.

She has a great philosophy on healing the mind and body and in this webinar I shared some of my Level 1 Surfing Paddling Techniques.

Here is Part 1


00:16 Who am I (Rob)?

00:57 How did I get into working with surfers on paddling techniques?

02:46 What kind of injuries were I seeing and how does my program solve them? 

04:18 Some common mistakes?

04:47 Shane’s most powerful takeaway for her from my Workshop

05:34 A common physical limitation for paddling she sees

07:50 Paddling Technique Overview – Introduction to Level 1

08:06 What’s the Big Deal?

11:07 Three Key Goals

12:44 Simple Solution to Achieve the Three Key Goals and How to Self Diagnose Yourself

13:04 Surfers' Common Fallacy on Paddling

14:08 How to Self Diagnose Yourself

14:55 Basis of Moving Through Water – The Three Laws of Motion

21:15 The Results You Get When You Follow This Formula

25:36 Types of Drag and Why are They Important to Understand

27:22 Where is Fitness in this Equation?

In Part 2 next time, I walk through a few examples - one shortboarder and one longboarder - before and after views and the analysis behind what we see on the screen.  

Shane Carpenter has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and runs Surf Body Connection where her goal is to help surfers stay active, healthy, and connected to the Ocean for life.  She is currently located in San Diego, CA.  

Her personal journey of struggle with several back injuries and surgeries led her to help her clients heal with tools beyond physical therapy.  

After the webinar I conducted with Shane, she sent me the below picture with the following commentary: "Just was practicing some of your paddling advice this AM in micro-sized surf ❤️🌊 grabbed about 10 waves.. first ones really since the surgery. "  

Stoked to see her back in the water and continuing to help other surfers with Surf Body Connection!  

Shane after her first few waves after surgery

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