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Want to paddle faster?  Use less energy?  Prevent injury?  Catch more waves?  Have more FUN?!?

Paddling is the foundation to better surfing, catching more waves, and having more fun.  And it begins with proper Paddling Technique.  Let's make sure the movements you make and the energy you use is as efficient and as effective as possible.  

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virtual paddling technique courses

Online Course / Online Coaching

The Online Course and Online Coaching using Zoom web conferencing allows you to receive paddling technique analysis & training even if you are far away or can't make it to one of the In-Person events.  

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rob case paddling technique coach with client

In-Person Paddling Technique Coaching

Private 1-on-1 and Small Group Coaching conducted primarily at our Surfing Paddling Headquarters in Bel Marin Keys, CA.  Workshops are also sometimes conducted in locations around the World.  

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paddling technique testimonial

Gabriel A.

"I can't tell you how much your feedback helped me!! Literally no shoulder pain.  Caught some beauties this morning!  Thank you!!"

paddling technique testimonial san diego workshop

Michael D.

"Top Tier surf paddling technique face-to-face video and instruction. Rob is a natural and can demonstrate everything he references. I took his course and immediately improved balance, speed, less drag, and definitely catch more waves now. Highly recommend Rob to anyone interested in serious improvement."

paddling technique testimonial costa rica

Ru H.

"Thank you so much for the course Rob. I've already found the feedback you gave me really useful but these commentary videos are next levelAmazing!"


Online Course and Online Coaching


Level 1 Paddling Technique Online Course

Learn how to paddle with less energy, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury on your own time, at your own pace in this world-class and comprehensive Online Course.  Lifetime Access.

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paddling technique online course testimonial

Jefferson C.

I started surfing late in life.  I was an advanced snowboarder and successful competitive swimmer so I thought surfing would come easy.  It didn't and I quickly learned the main thing holding me back was my paddling.  I got so tired so quickly and was confused why my surfing cousins would make it to the peaks with such ease.  I was a stronger swimmer, and all around better athlete so it made no sense.  I also had a lot of shoulder pain that was pretty excruciating.  I didn't know what to do but I was having so much fun surfing and being in the water that I just tried to ignore the pain and difficulty at first. 

Then I started your course.  I completed all the sections and daily exercises and my whole world was turned upside down (or maybe right side up as it were).  I could finally paddle with ease and get where I needed quickly with fuel in the tank to spare, plus the pain I experienced before has gone away.  Some of the things I was doing were so fundamentally wrong looking back, but I just didn’t have a good technical foundation upon which to build. Your course had gotten me barreled, into overhead waves in Costa Rica, Panama, the Pacific Northwest, Baja and home at Cape Hatteras!


Online 1-on-1 Level 1 Paddling Technique Coaching

Learn how to paddle with less energy, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury.  This course consists of 3 Online sessions with video analysis of your paddling mechanics. 

paddling technique dropping in

Tom H.

"Noticed a MASSIVE improvement in my paddling. At a basic level I just didn't get tired. I also caught many, many more waves than I would typically catch.

Definitely wouldn't have been as good a trip without your considered feedback and careful instruction in our virtual coaching sessions.  Thanks a million for all your help!"


In-Person Paddling Technique Courses

Private 1-on-1
Small Group
paddling technique testimonial lagoon

John B.

I have now had three private lessons with Rob, and my improvement is remarkable. I am getting into waves much earlier than in the past, catching more waves, and getting past the close-out section much easier in the waves I catch. 

One of the things I really like about Rob’s instruction is his explanations as to why you should paddle a particular way – when you understand why you should do something, it is easier to remember it.  I strongly recommend having Rob look at your paddling!"

surfing paddling technique longboarding

Jaime E.

"Thanks for everything.  I learned a wealth of information from you.  In the last few weeks, I've had more fun surfing than I've had in a long time

The corrections that I've worked into my stroke have had a huge impact on my ability to catch waves. I feel like I'm coming out of my surfing slump and I'm catching waves like I used to.  I know I still have a lot more to work on, and I can't wait to see how my surfing develops as a result.  Thanks for everything!"


Private 1-on-1 Level 1 Paddling Technique

Learn how to paddle with less energy, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury.  World class coaching, commentary videos and before/after analysis.

This course is designed to teach you how to CATCH MORE WAVES with LESS EFFORT.

Book today and get started towards paddling with ease.


Private 1-on-1 Level 2 Paddling Technique

This Private Level 2 Course focuses on learning how to catch the wave with ease - Optimal Positioning Strategy, Wave Timing Formula, and Effective Sprint Technique, with Pop Up Analysis and Getting Out Strategies and Techniques. 

This course is designed to help you CATCH THE MOST WAVES with the LEAST AMOUNT OFEFFORT.

Book Level 2 course today and get started towards catching more waves with ease!

paddling technique level 2 testimonial

David C.

"I just wanted to thank and praise you for everything you have done with your course and expertise to help me improve my paddling abilities.  I loved how meticulously dissected the videos you've sent of my paddling. It makes a world of a difference to see and hear the areas needed for improvement with immediate feedback. Now, I can visualize exactly how to improve my stroke. Your evidence based and quantifiable way of teaching is great and irrefutable. The numbers don't lie, and the improvement I feel is immense

Thank you for taking the time to personalize my home exercise (paddling) program using your very easy to follow and clear website.  My body is starting to do exactly what is needed just by focusing on a cue.

Lastly, I am able to now catch waves in a better part of the wave. My pop ups have improved and I can set my line sooner with more calm and focus. I am better in balance and that first turn is so marvelous. Even my duck dives are more organized and less chaotic.  Your class helped catch this shallow barrel at Rag's left with a better position and decrease risk of eating it on the reef. People were amazed how long I could stay in the water.  A million thanks."

paddling technique level 2 testimonial2

James M.

"Just wanted to let you know I had my best surf trip. Starting to catch more waves and starting to read waves better.

The course helped me so much in my positioning and sometimes I found myself sitting apart from where everyone else was because I could see what the waves were doing. It's like magic!  Surfing's secret weapon that no one else seems to know about.

Thank you so much for teaching me about this, in addition to all the other helpful information on paddling, etc. It all made a huge difference in how many waves I caught and my experience / confidence level overall."

Small Group Weekend

Deep dive into the Level 1 or Level 2 Paddling Techniques with a Small Group Weekend Course.  Pool, Flatwater, and Ocean training with Guest Speakers and loads of learning!

Level 1 Weekend Course - $695

(Sat-Sun with optional Mon morning)

The Level 1 Paddling Technique Weekend Course focuses on learning how to paddle with less energy, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury.  

Measurement and recording of your baseline paddling, review of the Level 1 Paddling Technique lessons with video review, Guided Drill & Practice, Ocean Practice, Doctor of Physical Therapy Guest Speaker on Biomechanics, Commentary videos of your before/after transformation, Lifetime Access to the Surfing Paddling Academy Level 1 Online Course and loads more waves!

November 14-16, 2020 Level 1 Weekend

Level 2 Weekend Course - $695

(Sat-Sun with optional Mon morning)

The Level 2 Paddling Technique Weekend Course focuses on learning how to catch the wave with ease - Optimal Positioning Strategy, Wave Timing Formula, and Effective Sprint Technique, with Pop Up Analysis and other ancillary skills such as Getting Out to the Waves, Art of the Wipeout.  

Analysis of your Paddling Force Measurement, review of the Level 2 Paddling Technique lessons with video review, Guided Drill & Practice, Ocean Practice and Video Review, Doctor of Physical Therapy Guest Speaker on custom topics, Commentary videos of the Force Analysis, Positioning, Timing, and Pop Up. Unlock the secret to catching waves with ease!

December 5-7, 2020 Level 2 Weekend

Pre-requisite: Level 1 completed.  Contact me if you're not sure.

surfing wave paddling technique testimonial

Kayne T.

"Rob’s knowledge and delivery on the subject of surf paddling and wave catching is very impressive. The skills learned on his Level 1 coaching has already seen me be more efficient in the water."

paddling technique surfing a wave testimonial

Riaan F.

"Rob is a great guy and very good to work with as a coach. I feel that my paddling has improved in leaps and bounds after the course. Paddling feels much less tedious and I've found that I can stay out longer, with less fatigue. Shoulder pain? Gone! Would highly recommend this course."

trimming on a shortboard paddling technique testimonial

Sean R.

"Oh. My. God. Our most recent paddling session focusing on the power phase of the stroke has made all the difference.

I'm catching almost every wave I try for, and although I wipe out on some of them, it no longer seems to be a problem with getting into the wave. It's more a matter of just getting used to popping up on the smaller, more responsive board. I am so stoked! 

This morning I was competing for waves against 20+ longboarders, and I still caught 12 waves in an hour. About half of them were really great, long rides, too. It just keeps getting better! Thanks so much!"

indo paddling technique testimonial

Sam C.

"When you're on the other side of 50 yrs, desk bound and take short surf trips once every few months yet want to surf the hollow reef breaks of Indo, surf time is valuable. You want to be paddle ready on arrival and surf injury free.

Knowing where the sweet spot for takeoff is & being able to get that burst of speed for takeoff (as opposed to paddling with brute strength, risking injury and hoping for the best) is invaluable.

Rob breaks this all down in a clear and easy to understand manner. I spent a week in Asu and a couple of days in San Francisco with Rob and had a memorable time. Rob's classes have been a great investment!"

I Know You Can Paddle Easier, Faster, and Without Pain

I Know You Can Catch Waves Effortlessly, Pop Up Smooth, and HAVE MORE FUN!

Come Join Me at a Level 1 or Level 2 Course, Online or In-Person. 

I'm so excited to work with you and hear how your surfing experience has been transformed!

paddling technique testimonial surfing smooth

Christine R.

Really great experience. Rob’s paddling techniques work! Noticeable improvement! Rob’s technical explanations are clear, and his passion for the sport (and your progress) shines through.

paddling technique testimonial in flume

Dan P.

Totally changed my surfing. Rob's a great teacher, and I'm going back for another clinic in the future. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their surfing!

surfing paddling technique testimonial surfing

Evan S.

It just gets better and better! I’ve had the best sessions I’ve ever had lately. The paddling technique has been a complete game changer. It’s made surfing FUN and PLAYFUL instead of mostly frustrating and punctuated by brief moments of fun.  I was able to surf 3 days in a row because it’s not nearly as exhausting as it was when I was wasting all that energy!!! Thank you so very much! Wooot!

paddling technique testimonial pool

Erin P.

This paddling course was so helpful. I wish I had discovered it sooner and saved myself years of frustration with my paddling inefficiency! Rob is such a knowledgeable, helpful and positive guy. He is truly committed to improving paddle technique and its obvious he has put a lot of time and work into his lessons. The program is very detailed, organized and professional. Rob is also quick to respond to emails and provide feedback. I completely recommend taking his course, it exceeded my expectations.

paddling technique testimonial drop in

Richard S.

Hi Rob.  I am happy to report that changing my paddle technique has worked magnificently to eliminate shoulder pain over two weeks of surfing.  Thanks so much for that - between that change and more awareness/use of my longboard glide, my sessions have totally transformed.

paddling technique catching waves testimonial

Nic B.

I’m so thankful I got the chance to work with Rob. He is an incredible instructor who drastically helped improve my paddling technique. I came to Rob because of shoulder pain I was experiencing while surfing. Rob quickly identified the aspects of my paddling that were likely causing pain. After my session with Rob, my wave count has gone up and have been experiencing a lot less shoulder pain. Highly recommend!

paddling technique testimonial paddling

Jim R.

After taking your course I catch more than 2x the number of waves per session and I have increased the number of minutes per session by more than 50%. Thanks Rob!

surfing paddling technique testimonial in flume

Tiffany C.

Improved paddling efficiency by 16% after taking the Level 1 Course! I loved getting a personalized review video with my stroke analysis afterward to re-watch in order to keep practicing the new paddling techniques that Rob was teaching. Also it was just a super fun weekend!

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