Dropping In Surf Show Podcast

Dropping In Surf Show Podcast

Hosted by: Rob Case

We drop in a little bit of math and a little bit of science with a whole lot of surfing. Rob Case, a paddling technique coach, discusses science and math in the world of surfing and how surfers can improve and...

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Will Respiratory Muscle Training Benefit Your Surfing

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob breaks down the respiratory pump, explains what respiratory muscle training (RMT) is, outlines some studies showing the impact RMT has on performance, and how this...
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Vasa Trainer Paddling Training and Technique with Rob Sleamaker

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob is honored to interview Rob Sleamaker, author, coach, and creator of the Vasa Trainer. They discuss the origins of the Vasa Trainer, how it can be used for both...
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Duck Diving Science and More

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob investigates two Scripps Institute of Oceanography research reports that were conducted at the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch. Diving deeper into the data collected and...
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Vortex Ratio

In today’s Episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob breaks down what a wave's vortex ratio is, how you can use it to assess your skill level, improve your wave catching, and help you decide which board to ride on a...
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Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Balance, Surfer’s Ear

Rob is joined by Dr. Charles Theivagt, Otolaryngologist, on today’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show. They discuss methods to optimize performance by stimulating the Vagus nerve, why using a breathing pattern from...
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Accelerating Skill Learning in a Surf Session

In today’s episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob provides the top two things that a surfer needs to accelerate their skill learning in a surf session. He outline the science behind why these two steps are...
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Science Behind the Pop Up

Rob shares the research that has been done behind the Pop Up, interprets some of the results, and discusses how the research might direct your surfing performance enhancement in this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show.
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Can Tides Increase the Power of a Wave

In this episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, Rob examines an old myth – can an incoming tide increase the power of the waves coming in? He explains why tides are different geographically, why they change from day to...
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S-Stroke Explained

Rob said he's heard a lot of misinformation on the use of the “S-Stroke” for paddling so in this riveting episode of the Dropping In Surf Show, he dives into the history and recent research behind the S-Stroke, and...
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Evidence of Which Muscles are Used During Paddling

Rob breaks down a detailed CSU San Marcos study which characterized upper extremity muscle activation generated by surfers while paddling. The study describes which muscle groups are firing, and their duration,...
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Understanding Fluids Make You A Better Surfer

Rob goes deep into a scientific principle around how fluids behave to teach you several aspects in surfing, from surf forecasting to paddling technique to riding the wave. This one principle impacts the entire...
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Skill Acquisition Methods, Benefits and Limitations

Rob sits down with Barry Green, Surf Coach at Centered Surfing, and they discuss methods to acquire skills for surfing and the various benefits and limitations of each. They cover their co-coaching trip to Lakeside...
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