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Welcome to a world-class surfing training experience. These surfing paddling technique and surfing fitness programs are a culmination of over 20 years of research, broken down and taught so that you can immediately go out and apply the lessons. We will help you catch more waves, with less effort, and reduce the risk of long term injury.

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Stephan Jenkins, surfing paddling academy


Stephan Jenkins

This last fall, on a surf trip to Bali, I paddled out to a line up of 20 surfers and was able to successfully compete for waves.
What i mean to say is, for the first time in ten years of surfing, I dominated a line up!
The difference was working with Rob Case’s program.
Also, the pain in my shoulders from bad technique abated.
I was able to surf longer with less effort. Rob made me a better surfer by being a better paddler. I highly recommend his course.

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David Yoshida

My paddling has improved tremendously.  I feel like I’m almost paddling in an opposite manner than what I’ve been doing all these years.  The main thing I notice is that I’m paddling faster AND using way less energy.  I’ve also been able to surf on smaller boards too. I don’t have to rely on length and volume as much.  Thank you Rob!

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Scott White

Had a quick dip yesterday, got every wave I went for. That’s never happened before. And I don’t think it’s because I suddenly developed faultless wave selection skills 😉

Jefferson surfing fitness testimonial


Jefferson Cox

I completed all the sections and daily exercises and my whole world was turned upside down (or maybe right side up as it were).  I could finally paddle with ease and get where I needed quickly with fuel in the tank to spare, plus the pain I experienced before has gone away.  Some of the things I was doing were so fundamentally wrong looking back, but I just didn’t have a good technical foundation upon which to build. Your course had gotten me barreled, into overhead waves in Costa Rica, Panama, the Pacific Northwest, Baja and home at Cape Hatteras!

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