Learn how to paddle with less effort, paddle faster, and prevent injury.  Paddling is the foundation to better surfing.

These training videos show you:

  • How to catch more waves with a LOT less effort
  • Simple and easy surfing paddling techniques you can apply immediately
  • How to paddle faster
  • How to prevent injury caused by poor technique
  • WHY it is important we need to be great paddlers
  • How you can make good technique automatic and easy, without any conscious thought
  • How to paddle Smarter, Not Harder
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"My wave count jumped immediately"

Jason P.

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"Your vids have been the adrenaline shot I needed"

Chris L.

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"I'm paddling much more efficient and pain free"

Graham R.

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Stephan J.

"On a recent surf trip to Bali, I paddled out to a line up of 20 surfers and was able to successfully compete for waves.  What I mean to say is, for the first time in ten years of surfing, I dominated a line up! The difference was working with Rob Case’s program.

Also, the pain in my shoulders from bad technique abated.  I was able to surf longer with less effort. Rob made me a better surfer by being a better paddler. I highly recommend his course."

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Barb U.

"Just wanted to touch base and compliment you on your online paddling course :)

I’m up to working through Module 3…. The explanations and videos are fantastic, so practical & helpful, and produce results pretty much straight away!!!

I surf a longboard and mid-length single fin, and your 'stroke break-down info' is GOLD

Thanks so much :)  I’m really looking forward to watching more of the videos, and implementing the muscle memory drills"

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Learn paddling techniques that will help you paddle smarter, not harder.

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