Wish You Just Had More Time On Your Feet?

Stop wishing and let's go have some fun!  

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Boat Surfing FUN!

Boat Surfing allows surfers to be on their feet for not seconds and meters, but minutes and miles!  The wave teaches the surfer where to find power and speed, forcing them to make correct movements to maintain their ride.  

It's a ton of fun!

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But How Fun Can Boat Surfing Really Be?

Ask Josh Kerr - 

"It’s so epic.  I had no idea that a boat could throw such a perfect wave.  It’s insane to be able to get that chance over and over again to surf it and try different grabs.  It’s one of those insane feelings. The transitions are a little small obviously than a lot of big ocean open faced waves but you really do truly get that feeling that you’re actually surfing.

Check out the JOY on the faces of some of our Keys Surf Club Members:
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Jim S.

"Hey Rob: thanks for absolutely making our weekend - we had so much fun - and for all the incredible coaching and support."

Join The Fun!

Not only do you get valuable time on your feet, you get to share it with others in our stoked surfing community!

The Keys Surf Club membership is easy - attend a Boat Surfing Day!  Pipeline, Sunset, and Ehukai Membership passes include 16, 8, and 4-day passes and other bonuses.  Or you can choose a Single Day Pass and be stoked with your progression and memories from the day.  

Boat Surfing Day includes:

  • Dedicated water time - 3 rounds of surfing.  This is the equivalent of surfing for 3-8 miles!
  • 3 surfers per boat maximum (contact me for exceptions).
  • Boat, fuel, driver, video, and all equipment necessary (except wetsuits if needed - seasonally dependent)
    • Surfers are encouraged to bring their own surfboard in order to train your brain what it feels like riding on it, turning it, moving on it, etc.  But you can use one of mine if you want to travel light.  
  • Video/Photos from your rides.
  • Pipeline, Sunset, and Ehukai Memberships receive additional bonuses and discounted sessions.
View The Keys Surf Club Dates 2023

The Keys Surf Club - Calendar

We surf with the right tides and conditions!  Below is a calendar with the remaining boat surf days for the year.  (Spot availability listed may not be the most recent - please check with me prior to any booking).

2024 Schedule coming soon (earliest start is July)

*Weather and conditions pending

Contact me to schedule a Private Boat Surfing Day.

"Waitlist only" - contact me directly to be placed on the waitlist.  Do not pay for a pass until I confirm there is space available.  

How do I Sign Up?

Step 1: Purchase a Pass

Step 2: Reserve Your Surf Days

Step 3: Receive Confirmation

Step 4: Let's Go Surf!

Boat Surfing Passes

Single Day Pass - Boat Surfing

Single Day Boat Surfing Pass

$455.00 USD
keys surf club single day pass
Single Day Pass - Boat Surfing 

Single Day Boat Surfing Pass 

$395.00 USD SOLD OUT
keys surf club ehukai pass
Ehukai 4-Day Pass - Boat Surfing 

Ehukai 4-Day Boat Surfing Pass and Bonuses

$1,395.00 USD SOLD OUT
Sunset pass
Ehukai 4-Day Pass - Boat Surfing 

Ehukai 4-Day Boat Surfing Pass and Bonuses

$1,625.00 USD SOLD OUT - check back next year
keys surf club sunset pass
Sunset 8-Day Pass - Boat Surfing 

Sunset 8-Day Boat Surfing Pass and Bonuses

$2,495.00 USD SOLD OUT

Contact me to schedule a Private Boat Surfing Day not on the calendar.

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