Guest Speaking on a Surf Body Connection Webinar – Part 2

Here is Part 2 where I share a shortboarder example and a longboarder example

00:08 Shortboarder Video Example – Before and After 23% improvement – Drag’s Impact on Horizontal Balance, Creating a Drafting Cavity, and Tempo

01:20 More Progressive Force = More Effective Propulsion

03:22 Good Setup to Front Propulsive Phase

04:44 Longboarder Video Example – Before and After – A Key Difference in Technique between Shortboarder and Longboarder – Entry Point Same, Entry Angle is Different

06:11 Comparison of Entry Point and Entry Angle Between the Shortboarder Example and Longboarder Example

09:43 The Problem(s) with Over-Reaching

11:07 Me on a Prone Board Video Example – Lack of Effort Used, Entry Point, Hover Technique, Entry Angle, Top Speed Acceleration vs Steady Velocity

12:14 Is it Better to Stick with One Board to Learn Technique?  Our Brain’s Ability to Change Motor Movement

18:12 Shane’s Injury Prevention Spectrum and Overwhelming the Brain

In Part 1, I share the introduction to the Level 1 Surfing Paddling Techniques and Shane shares a few nuggets of knowledge she learned along the way. 


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