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Catch more waves, with less effort, now and forever

All of our programs are based on a scientific mindset, with years and years of research, yet broken down into easy to understand step-by-step actionable lessons and drills.  Don’t struggle like other surfers, making the same mistakes for years, missing waves they could have ridden.  Instead, learn with little effort, what most surfers still struggle with, even after they’ve spent decades in the water. Understanding why something works is more important than getting “tips” because if you can understand why something happens, YOU will have the power to make changes based on your own specific situation – point break, beach break, shortboard, longboard, smooth conditions, rough conditions, etc.  The Surfing Paddling Academy and XSWIM programs will allow you to immediately get results, but are designed to teach you how to keep those results for the rest of your life.  It’s easy to go back to bad habits, or to get out of shape.  However, our programs make it easy to transform your paddling and fitness to last a lifetime.  Are you ready to change your entire surfing life for the better?  Are you ready to catch more waves, have more fun, be more comfortable in the ocean, have the ability to prevent injury – all of this, with less effort?       

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Designed for You

Your own pace, multiple learning styles

We understand that you are busy and have little time.  That’s why the Surfing Paddling Academy and XSWIM programs have taken the hassle out of figuring it all out on your own.  The Surfing Paddling Academy Online course allows you to digest the information on your own time, at your own pace.  And while the XSWIM for Surfers 30-Day Level 1 Training Program has a set schedule designed to get you ready for your next surf trip or to maintain a high level of fitness, it is flexible in case something crops up such as illness or other responsibilities.  There are mechanisms designed in to get you back on track, and fast.  

For customized and personalized situations, the 1-on-1 In-Person or Virtual Stroke Analysis are popular and effective services available to you.  Here, we identify issues together, so that not only are you learning how to solve the problems, but can also identify them.  Give a man a fish, he is fed for a day.  Teach a man to fish, he will be fed for a lifetime.  The process in which we transform your paddling and fitness is much faster using the custom technology available to us today. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will be able to catch more waves!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer, people all learn differently.  Some are visual learners, some prevail with written explanations, and some need to get their hands dirty (kinetic learning).  All of our programs incorporate multiple learning styles using video, pictures, written lessons and drills, as well as kinetic actions and practice assignments.  We have studied the most optimal method for motor learning, so that even your muscle memory learning process is fast!  And finally, we are dedicated to making sure you succeed.  Any questions, any concerns, we will address them as soon as possible, and find a solution to them.  

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