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Rob Case is the creator of XSWIM and the Surfing Paddling Academy, an avid surfer, swimmer, water polo player, freediver, and father of two very energetic boys.

From the age of three he competed in swimming and has continued to find his passion in or on top of the water. “With two small kids and a full time job it was hard to find time to stay in shape for all the different sports I love. Swimming laps got boring, going to the gym was time consuming.”

While living in San Diego, CA he created XSWIM as a method to stay in shape for his favorite pastimes. He combined his years of studying fitness, swimming, and surfing paddling to create the XSWIM Surfing Training Program. After receiving requests from clients to coach them on paddling technique, he created the Surfing Paddling Academy based on the scientific studies of swimming and his research on the link to surfing paddling.  

Now located just north of San Francisco, back where he grew up, Rob enjoys playing in the ocean and surfing Ocean Beach and the surrounding area.  He is one of the top instructors in the world for surfing paddling technique and the results speak for themselves.

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“Feel free to contact me with any questions …or just to talk surfing, the ocean, or anything fun.”


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Rob Case coaching surfing paddling technique

Driven to Teach

Teaching runs in the family.  Rob’s mother taught at-risk high school students and Special Education for close to four decades.  His brother is a top high school math teacher as well as a swimming and water polo coach.  And Rob has been coaching, tutoring, and conducting seminars in everything from academics to athletics since he was 15.  Rob has had the fortune to have taught over 10 years as top instructor of surfing, sailing, waterskiing and wakeboarding at the largest Aquatic Center in the world (Mission Bay Aquatic Center Mission Beach, CA).  In addition, Rob’s experience as a swim Instructor extends over 6 years, teaching ages 2-25.  He believes that anyone can learn, but finding out how someone learns, and then teaching accordingly is the challenging (but fun) part.  Rob’s hands-on dedication to his clients is driven from his desire to make sure that everyone walks away learning something they can apply immediately and last for a lifetime.

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see you in the water

For over 30 years, Rob has competed at a high level in swimming, and despite successes in pool and open water races, he continues to search for faster and more efficient ways to move through the water.  In water polo, he has over 15 years experience, was a 4-yr Junior Olympian, has a regional Championship, and participated in several Senior Nationals Tournaments.  In college he ventured into Olympic distance triathlons, competing in the collegiate championship races.  For over 15 years Rob has been a recreational freediver and has most recently been participating in stand up and prone paddleboarding.  A passion for sailing had been passed on to Rob and his brother from their father and has never gone away.  Despite all of the various activities, it was surfing that truly grabbed his heart over 20 years ago.  Shortboard, Longboard, Bodysurf – you name it.  As long as it involves being in the Ocean and riding waves, he’ll be the one with a biggest grin.  “Always learn, always try new things. It keeps life fresh and exciting.”

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Special thanks

Special thanks to all XSWIM and Surfing Paddling Academy community members. Without your support and feedback, XSWIM and the Surfing Paddling Academy would just be shared with a few people instead of the thousands of lives it has impacted. I am extremely grateful to the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club organizations for allowing me the facilities to run classes and test the XSWIM programs. Many thanks to my brother and to my friends who encouraged and help me get started. Thanks to my late mother who instilled strong values for fitness, travel, and for living your passion. You are here in spirit, always. Most thanks to my lovely wife and my boys. You are my number one passion and I hope to set a good example for you.